Thursday, September 20, 2012

eBay FREE Listings: Sept 18-22, 2012

Last Monday, I received an email from

It was only recently when I found out that there are actually Seller Fees on eBay because the last time I sold anything was half a decade ago, when my account was still registered at Well I guess that was back in the day, and besides, eBay needed to get at cut from their account holders' sales somehow.

But the good news is, eBay allows you to list for FREE every month for up to 50 listings. But on top of the free listings per month, there are occasional promos like this where you can do 50,000 auction-style listings for a certain period. In this case, it's from September 18-22, 2012. Now that's a lot, but with restrictions, of course. 

Now where should I begin? I have a lot of sorting of clutter to do and maybe be able to earn a bit of profit, which I highly doubt! Since we barely have time to organize garage sales or go to the nearest donation center, might as well take advantage of this offer! And later on see the stuff we are selling.

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