Sunday, May 30, 2010

Paradise Circus

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Paradise Circus
(Gui Boratto Remix)
Massive Attack

It's unfortunate that when we feel a storm
We can roll ourselves over 'cause we're uncomfortable
Oh where the devil makes us sin
But we like it when we're spinning in his grip.

It's unfortunate that when we feel a storm
We can roll ourselves over when we're uncomfortable
Oh well the devil makes us sin
But we like it when we're spinning in his grip.

Love is like a sin my love
For the one that feels it the most
Look at her with her eyes like a flame
She will love you like a fly will never love you, again

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Status Update: US Petition (v)

Oh Em Gee!

I woke up at around 6am knowing that I'd be expecting a package anytime today. I have been tracking my courier since yesterday's text I received from Air21.

I have been keeping track of it almost EVERY minute (yeah, I know it's ridiculously excited of me), but then at around 10 or 11am, our usual courier guy showed up and handed me my most-awaited mail of the year!

And behold:

Well, it has actually been 7 months since we became man and wife and 5 months ago when my husband first filed a petition. It shouldn't be a surprise anymore 'coz I am really destined to be where I should be, and that is with my D (I'd never find myself so cheesy like this. Ew.)

And with this, I now update my ongoing time line, which I intend to continue as our journey still does (after all!) continue.

Please click to enlarge

Some VERY IMPORTANT notes about the Immigrant Visa Packet (with emphasis on the RED words):
  1. DO NOT OPEN, or even attempt to open, the visa packet (yellow envelope). You may only open the plastic pouch to retrieve the passport.
  2. You will experience a significant delay if the visa packet is torn. You will not be allowed to board and difficulties will be encountered at any US port of entry. 
  3. DO NOT DETACH the stapled "Immigrant Data Summary" in the visa packet.
  4. The visa packet will be opened only by the Immigration or Public Health Service Officer at the US port of entry. 
  5. Make sure that all personal information in the visa is correct before boarding. The visa can be returned if it contains incorrect data.

The next step is to affix my CFO sticker. I will provide a feedback on this later.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pre-departure Orientation (CFO Seminar)

D suddenly told me one day that I had to attend some seminar before I could even leave the Philippines. He said that one of his colleague’s wife had been asked to go to the said seminar, and the same thing may apply to me. He also mentioned some PHP650+ fee that I need to pay them in order for me to have an affixed sticker on my passport so that I’ll be allowed to fly. At first I didn’t understand what the hell was going on, but after much research, he was actually referring to the Commission of Filipinos Overseas (CFO) seminar (more about my experience later).

So what’s this about?

This commission was created in order to have records of Filipino Emigrants who wish to settle abroad permanently. This seminar is applicable to those who will acquire permanent residence, including children (eg. Green card or LPR for US, etc), those married or will marry foreign nationals who reside abroad (most of which are female).

In my case, my husband’s really Filipino by birth and spent a quarter (or more) of his life in the Philippines. However, since he got naturalized to another citizenship, he is now considered an “alien” or foreigner already. Thus, I really needed to attend the legally mandated seminar also known as the Pre-departure orientation.
If you think you can get away with this, just think of the actual day that you will be flying abroad without the CFO. Think of the immigration officer actually denying your entry to your gate, which is just a few meters from the plane you will be riding that day. 
 image c/o Philstar

Think of all the hassles of arguing only to find out in the end that you will really never gonna step on that very plane that will take you to your milk and honey. Think about the money you already spent on that wasted ticket.

It's not a pretty sight (and a frustrating one, at that).

There are no exceptions to the case because immigration officers will check your visa, and if it turns out to be an immigrant visa (of any country), they will next look for the CFO sticker and affixed green certificate on the pages of your passport, and if they don’t see it, just kiss that flight goodbye, and they will only let you aboard once you have the sticker and the certificates to show them.
FYI, CFO seminar is actually mandated by RA 79 and other laws governing this.

In other words, there is no other choice. The seminar is specifically designed or targeted to inform a lot of migrating women on what they may expect in case something bad happens to their marriage, not because something bad will happen. Registered individuals can also contact shelters that ACTUALLY exist for any sort of immediate assistance needed.

Who are required to get registered with CFO?
(click on the links below for info, as requirements may vary):

In my case, numero uno is applicable for me.
There are actually 2 venues for my seminar:  St. Mary Euphrasia Foundation - Center for Overseas Workers (SMEF-COW) and at People’s Reform Initiative for Social Mobilization, Inc. (PRISM).

Contact details:

2nd Floor BDO Building, 2422 Taft Avenue
Tel. Nos.: (632) 525-3114, (632) 525-3783, (632) 525-4314
Fax No.: (632) 5253114

Good Shepherd Convent, 1043 Aurora Boulevard
Quezon City, Philippines 1108
Tel. No.: (632) 913-6439
Fax No.: (632) 913-6438

It would be best to call them first for schedules, requirements, etc. and the staff would be happy to help. Let me tell you about my experience next time once I receive my immigrant visa.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pacman's 30th Anniversary and Google

No, and I'm NOT talking about Manny Pacquiao.

I only thought that when you open the Google homepage, you'd only see a usual logo that commemorates an event or an idea worth celebrating.

But if you check out today's homepage, it's not just some ordinary "celebration" logo.

It's also a game widget!

As you can see, I only have a few more of those pellets to go, but was too scared to finish the game. It's gonna get killed anyway for sure, because I sucked at playing this game, even as a kid growing up to it.

On Google, simply click on the icon and the game will start on its own. Try it, and revive childhood memories!

Here's my homage from my favorite annoying fella...

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Justin Bieber Running Into A Door

Lol. Look how cool he was after the whole ordeal.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Glee and Jollibee

What's going on? Why is Jollibee trending on Twitter (as of 4:16 PST)?

And here's why (watch and see):

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Own Taste of a Scam

Scam (as defined)
  • victimize: deprive of by deceit; "He swindled me out of my inheritance"; "She defrauded the customers who trusted her"; "the cashier gypped me when he gave me too little change"
  • a fraudulent business scheme

Why the sudden fantasy?

Going to several Bridal Fairs got me an idea on how I could sketch out my soon to be church wedding. I love attending such events in my quest for inspiration and clever ideas. Amidst freebies, flyers, and photo booths were raffles and sign up sheets. With gusto and excitement, I just kept filling out forms and even raffle stubs without even checking what I've been signing -- only luring myself in THE "trap".

I've been meaning to post this from quite sometime now, but I had to restrain myself as I don't want my emotions TOO involved in my posts (not that I was in anyway THAT emotional, at least, unlike maybe for some).

A few months back, I received a call from some random number, they said that they were from Club Astoria, and that I won a free dinner buffet. Good thing nothing drastic happened to me here. All the pestering just simmered down.

I was in again for another trap!

Since my sister was having a debut celebration and again in search for my bridal inspiration, I went to the The Ultimate Wedding & Debut Fair last January 23. I actually refused to accept raffles for Astoria having to have learned from the experience.

However, this gay person (let’s name him Joey, as I have totally forgot the name!) approached me and asked if I had a credit card. Thinking that it was a credit card agent offering me one, I said "yes, I already have, thank you." However, Joey continued to say that it was my "lucky day" since I already have one. Baffled, I began listening to him and said that I could choose from 2 gifts just as long as I advertise their products, which is Life Insurance, and that they'd give me a "raffle stub" for another chance to win PHP888,000 and a BMW. He introduced PPLIC as Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company. From the name itself, it sounded like PRU, but it really was NOT, most especially they had a different logo.

Joey told me that all I need to do was just listen to a 45-minute presentation, and that I have "no obligation" to purchase anything (yeah right). He also said that I could only help them advertise their products by using their "freebies" (well that made sense though). Some of the free stuff were umbrellas, eco-bags, towel, clock, coffee tumbler and others. I thought to myself, "sure, I could use an umbrella or the eco-bag", but I was really curious about the 45-minute presentation and to see if I could last until the very time they‘d actually give the free stuff. You see, my friend also encountered the same thing for Family First, and it was an ugly experience. But I really was just in for the curiosity on how these people do it.

Joey made sure I was comfortably seated and waited for my turn to be handed over to an agent (which we will name Myrna. Yes, I also forgot the name of the gal). Joey offered iced tea and tried to keep me company through his personal stories. He even gave me a free pass to Laffline maybe, just to make me stay, adding a personal touch to his approach.

I was able to ask him a few questions about his job. He said that his only job was to bring people to their office, and that they'd get "points" for it. He also told me to give him a cut in case I win the raffle, totally BS-ing me.

Okay, so 30 minutes have passed, and I've yet a presenter to face. I was actually going to have called it quits when a young girl went up to me and introduced herself as the “presenter”. Myrna was on her early twenties, and I can tell that she looked like a fresh grad.

Dying to hear what she had to offer, she first introduced herself, and gave me an overview about the company, its achievements, recognitions and all the hullabaloo about the company that I NEVER have heard about. 

Myrna goes by showing me that PPLIC is considered to be one of the “Superbrands”, and was established in the 60s. While that could be true, how come I never heard of their company? All I knew was that  the other company, Prudential Life was indeed a company for pre-need plans, but not PPLIC. She said that it was once deemed as a Superbrand, but again, how come their name never emerged anywhere? Did I miss out on one of the Reader's Digest's specials on this distinction?

While she was taking me to the seat, Myrna goes by trying to establish rapport by asking questions about anything in life. Since I was not in a “story-telling” mood, I simply asked her to explain more about the company. She said that their company’s strategy to make their company known was through direct selling and marketing, unlike the big names in the industry. I thought it made sense since they never advertised anywhere. 

As we were seated, I asked for some water instead of iced tea. Even if the room was already flowing iced tea, it would only gonna give me streptococcus, if not making me wet my pants. Myrna had this folio containing the company’s information, so while glancing at the pages of the clear book, she was asking me questions like “what would be your goals in life?” or “do you think your income for now is enough for your needs?”

I knew she was gonna make a sales pitch real soon. I should have backed out while waiting at the lobby. That's what a stubborn mule gets for hopelessly obliging.

But then, I tried to listen to what she was going to offer. The raffle promo that Joey had promised  soon felt like a faded memory, I realized, as she never mentioned anything about raffles and freebies in her presentation.

When she asked about my status, being a newlywed with having kids soon (I know I may have said too much), Myrna introduced me to an regular endowment payment scheme good only for 5 years, amounting to 27k as an initial payment, and then I would have to pay around 1,800+/month for 5 years, and then for the remaining 10 years, I would just have to wait for its maturity, and I could get it for a face value of around PHP300K or so.

The offer was pretty good because I would only have to pay 1.8k for just 5 years. only that it has to be auto-deducted from my credit card. Of course! The sales agent asking if you have a card --- Joey asked for it at the very start in the bridal fair! They weren't credit card sales agents. So by actually telling them that you HAVE a credit card is like telling a vulture that YOU'RE the prey!

Okay, on with the sales pitch. It was really a good plan, as I have understood it.  I know so because I currently also have an endowment from a competitor where I still have 10 years more to complete, originally 20 years to pay. 5 years shouldn’t be a big deal though.

Then again, since I may be leaving the PI indefinitely and was just waiting for my visa interview, I may not be able to take care of the monthly payments anymore. It wasn’t because I was skeptic (well,  to admit, the strategy could really be leading to deceit), but I really don’t think I had much time to take care of such things while away from the country.

So I politely declined the offer. My work was done, and I came what I needed to find out.

What really bothered me was the fact that Myrna was sort of pushing me to make an immediate decision. It was already 8pm, and we were getting nowhere. I really wished I didn’t have to go through it because an investment is not the same as buying impulsively on food or other things to satisfy our vanity. You can take risks, but not in a manner that has to be rushed, like your life really depended on it. 

Annoyed, yet still cool, I just tried to think of ways to get out of this mess I made  for myself. Since I don’t want a scandalous approach, I started talking to Myrna about my thoughts. 

I told Myrna that I need my “husband’s approval” before I make any purchases. She then asked me if I usually ask permission whenever I save for myself or when I open my own account, and then I knew she was trying to somehow control the situation. It's like asking me if I had to ask permission to my husband for opening a bank account. Of course, some would probably say, a savings account should not hurt our relationship.

But it wasn't a damn saving's account, for Christ. And besides, I never keep ANYTHING from my spouse since we got married. Promise!

I then turned the tables around by telling Myrna that any major purchase, in this case, investment, needs the approval of my husband. So there.

I even convinced the kid that my husband would really be interested in case he was there with us that moment, but since he wasn’t, I really had to get his permission. I even emphasized the importance of having an open communication, which is essential for long distance couples. 

I asked Myrna if she had a boyfriend, and whether she tried convincing her boyfriend to have such investments. To my surprise, she NEVER wanted her boyfriend invest anything there. Haha! So much for marketing. I didn’t ask her anymore for the reason, and was happy giving her my dose of “the kill”.

Since she knew I would never get convinced to purchase anything that big, she tried to offer me other “cheaper” alternatives, just to get a sale. Give me a break! It was almost closing time (like almost 10pm). So, I had to settle for this one-peso insurance! Poor thing…just to have a sale…

And the frugal princess wins!

**Some notes**
  • As a tip, if you are curious on how they work their way to you, better make sure you have time (a lot of it, if I may add), because it’s not gonna be as simple as refusing the products and services being offered to you.
  • Another tip, if they could try engaging in a small talk, so would you! Try to get to know the person you are talking to as well. In my case, Myrna was trying to get to know a little bit of my background, so I tried to get hers! They would NEVER refuse to answer any personal questions. Use your own interrogation to your advantage when they start making sales, to make them fall for their own trap!
  • Make your own research. Instead of experiencing it first-hand (which I totally do NOT recommend), use resources like the internet and read for consumer feedback.
  • By all means, ignore the people handing out flyers, or the ones that look like people offering you credit cards, unless you really need one.
  • ANY investment should be well-thought of. It is not an IMMEDIATE decision that could change your life. REFUSE if really unsure. No gentle push backs! The offer will STILL be available should you decide to push through with it.
  • Most importantly, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD and DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING! You may not know that you may be signing an authorization to use your card for a transaction that you may be unaware of. I have read lots that have been charged even if they did not fully understand what's going on...
It could get annoying (and dirty) if you let your emotions run you over, which is why I’d rather have a sort of a reverse psychological approach in getting out! Lol

Oh, as for my freebies, I was only given one. They also said that the “raffle machine” was not working at the moment, and that I had to come back for my chance at the raffle. Unbelievable! How convenient could that be! For sure, I am NEVER in any way coming back!

Oh well, my rating? For me, I was scammed because of the false “promises“ and all that sugar-coating BS! But in offering the services, they may be for real. But then again, you cannot guarantee the outcome of ANY investment especially for a company that doesn't even ring a bell. 

After the entire experience, I tried to do my own research and by gosh! I found a bunch of really unhappy campers out there who also fell in the trap. Much worse, almost all were really pissed because of the charges made in the card. And the comments kept pouring in. You may also read the link for more information and for solutions done by its "victims".

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Let's Enjoy Tonight's show

Tonight's star of the night is our very own Moon and the pretty Venus!
 from ensaymada of tumblr

Too bad we couldn't see the moon from our backyard, so I had to rely on twitter sources here. Here are some amazing shots from our net friends... :)

from Davao (@ImAlbertAlinsob)

Shots from Japan: 

This can also be visibly seen on another part of the planet in broad daylight! Click here to see: 
Also tweeted by @PAGASAdost: "Venus Eclipse (occultation by d Moon) tonight @ Astrocamp Observatory SMBY Park SM MOA. Come and see through powerful telescopes." It would be cool to head out there to see for yourself!

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Jejemons and the Overrated Aftermath

Uploaded with

Ano daw?

I swear that this is the LAST time I’d  be talking about the topic. I just can’t help but comment about  different reactions. More on them later.

At first, yes it’s funny to see a clueless ditz post something of this sort on their Facebook wall. In fact, all you could do is BUT reply or to comment such posts. It’s as easy to ignore and move on. No problem.

The term jejemon, jejenism, came about when people have been overly using exaggerated spelingzzz ov wuRRdzzz or have been typing “lyk ds“, as though the normal computer keyboard is used the same manner a mobile keypad of a cellphone is used.

Well for your information, this should never have been applied to everything else other than the cellphone.  
From tumblr

In real life, we really do cut words when texting “esp f ur n a hury 2 typ in r msgs 2 ppl hul rid ds 2 cmunic8 w/dm.”…maybe because an SMS supposedly means “short message service”, defeating the purpose of a text message. If that’s the case, care to explain why there are words that seem longer like “p0wh, phf0uzzzs…e0w, uZshTaH naAh…” What gives?

Remember also those times when you receive sweet, sweet love quotes, and we forward them? Back then, we didn't bother editing the message even if it's SCREAMING jejenism. 

But now, mostly are deleted. lol

They are also those who use StIcKy cApS or use püNc+u8n m@rk$ in place of actual letters. Talk about sending a “quick“ message.

Worse, youngsters respond by laughing like this -- jejejeje -- hence, the term. Mind you, unless you’re from South America or of Spanish decent, jejejeje or jajaja is not our way of expressing laughter via chat.

Not only we have seen Mr. Gilbert Teodoro do a mini platform to put jejemons back in elementary, but it also reached twitterland. As a result it got even the attention of someone known as THE BIEBER.

And of course, jejenism has really gone far enough that some even took the liberty of informing the people through the urban dictionary, as well as to have its own space on wiki.

And videos about it:

Sad fact of life: it still exists even in ACTUAL social networking sites. Worse, English teachers finding this their worse nightmare in case students still apply this on essay writing.
Again, got this from tumblr

not so unusual in Friendster. lol

Where am I getting at?

Let me get to the point. What I really am surprised with are the HATERS - yes! Some think that this is sooo wrong. Well, I totally agree you 100%. But to actually contribute to the already screwed-up society of haters really is much more of a nuisance. For all I know, the people behind jejemon hatred are the VERY same people who started it. Come on! You have been once guilty of sTiCkY cApS tYpIng or concocting ridiculous spellingzzz for some words, and you have suddenly become an English Nazi who didn't even care to retype forwarded quotes? And then what, cuss and get upset at the sight of one?  Who are we to cast the first stone on the incoming generation, who had no one else to look up to but us, the people who (unconsciously) started this?

So okay, we get it, jejenism has become an eyesrore, but seriously, it feels too hypocritical to even express utter disgust or outrage, even to create FB pages against it. Face it, we were one of those who gave rise to this trend. Even if you did not directly apply this in your daily writings, you just stood painfully watch it grow into a jejemonster by forwarding those love quotes. 

In this case, we have the power to correct the situation, even if it's as worse as it already is. As Anthony D'Angelo says "If you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it."

I throw the question again to dem hYp0cR!+iCaL HATErzzz. Seriously, would it help to HATE jejemons? So drop the act. It’s nothing to be worked up on. Really. Instead of coming out clean, just correct the kids already if you are TOO bothered seeing them like that And kids, please stick to proper typing and leave the clipped words to text messages shall we?

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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Ikimono Gakari

Arigatou tte tsutaetakute anata wo mitsumerukedo
Tsunagareta migite wa dareyori mo yasashiku
Hora kono koe wo uketometeru

Mabushii asa ni nigawaraishitesa anata ga mado wo akeru
maikonda mirai ga hajimari wo oshiete
Mata itsumo no machi e dekakeruyo

Dekoboko na mama tsumiagetekita futari no awai hibi wa
Koboreta hikari wo daiji ni atsumete
Ima kagayaiteirunda

Anata no yume ga itsukaraka futari no yume ni kawatteita
Kyou datte itsuka taisetsu na omoide
Aozora mo nakizora mo harewataruyouni

Arigatou tte tsutaetakute anata wo mitsumerukedo
Tsunagareta migite ga massugu na omoi wo
Bukiyou ni tsutaeteiru

Itsumademo tada itsumademo anata to warattetakara
Shinjita kono michi wo tashikameteikunoni
Ima yukkurui to aruite ikou

Kenka shita hi mo nakiatta hi mo sorezore iro sakasete
Masshiro na kokoro ni egakareta mirai wo
mada kakitashiteikunda

Dareka no tame ni ikiru koto dareka no ai wo ukeireru koto
Souyatte ima wo chottozutsu kasanete
Yorokobi mo kanashimi mo wakachiaeruyouni

Omoiau koto ni shiawase wo anata to mitsukete iketara
Arifureta koto sae kagayaki wo dakuyo
Hora sono koe ni yorisotteku

Aishiteru tte tsutaetakute anata ni tsutaetakute
Kakegae no nai te wo anata to no korekara wo
Watashi wa shinjiterukara

Arigatou tte kotoba wo ima anata ni tsutaerukara
Tsunagareta migite wa dareyori mo yasashiku
Hora kono koe wo uketometeru

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Don't Vote!

A public service message from our favorite Hollywood stars:

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Gibo's WOW

...or Words of Wisdom (WOW)...

This is probably my last post about Philippine elections. Call me a geek, but there were some sleepless nights for me due to anticipation, moreover because of the country's first time to have a taste of the automated system. This is by far the ONLY elections where I really seriously put thought in my chosen candidates, one of which is Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro. His leadership and humility (a very good combination), amongst other reasons, would be his strongest points I admire most, qualities also that attracted thousands (hopefully millions).

 Gibo Teodoro: Galing at Talino

I only got this from an FB page, and I thought I should share nuggets of wisdom from Mr. cool himself. Allow me to indulge you in a series of Galing and Talino quotable quotes and anecdotes. This way, you may still get to know more and reconsider your bet for tomorrow's elections. For others, this is just a way of reminding and reassuring you that you have made a fair and intelligent choice. :)

Words of Wisdom (WOW) by Gibo Teodoro

“Should I be chosen as the next president, you will get a government that is really true, clean and fast in delivering basic services. And I will not forget you for giving me your support,”

“You don't have to put people down in order for people to see your own worthiness.”

“I think it's time that the Filipinos will be able to judge a person more objectively than mere association. After all, life is not a basketball team all the time.”

Mike Enriquez: Bakit di mo talikuran yung partido mo, baka sakali tumaas yung rating mo?
GIBO: Eh di parang itinakwil mo na rin yung pagka-Lasalista mo, Mike.
Mike Enriquez: ahehe! hindi naman sa ganun..

March 9, 2010, 8:00 pm. Gibo in a private meeting with Green Team Davao volunteers: 
"Kahit hindi ko kayo kilala, hinding-hindi ko malilimutan ang pagtulong niyo sa akin. Tatanawin ko itong malaking utang na loob... huwag kayong mag-alala... mananalo tayo.”

During Typhoon Ondoy, the Defense Secretary Gibo Teodoro was asked by people around him to ride a rubberboat to be visibly seen for media mileage. He politely declined and said: "If I will ride a rubberboat followed by many, it will defeat the purpose of saving lives... How can we save lives when there is no more room on the rubber boats?"

"Di ako magpapadikta sa kahit na sino. Gagawin ko lang ang TAMA at NARARAPAT.”

"I am no else's Facsimile. I make my own decisions and no one else can dictate upon me."

"I will not be running for president if I were only to be a puppet, it is not worth my family's reputation to do so."

"Ang usaping pambansa ay pambansa, ang usaping pampamilya ay hindi dapat isama sa usaping pambansa."

Mike Enriquez: Ikaw ba ang mananalo kahit mababa ang rating mo sa survey?
GIBO: Ako naman ang number one sa puso ng tao.
Mike Enriquez: Hindi naman puso ang bibilangin ngayong election.

"I cannot promise an end to poverty, just the road to recovery"

"My main campaign message is reform based on stability because there could be no reform if there is no stability."

"Every Filipino given the chance, given the right environment will outperform everybody else."

"Ang utang na loob sa definition ko is pagsusukli ng mabuti sa mabuti, pag masama na nothing is worth ruining my reputation and my father's reputation."

“I don’t want to run a campaign based on negativity. What sets me apart from the rest is that I run on a platform aimed towards healing past wounds.”

"A soldier goes to battle not because he hates the person infront of him, but because he loves the person behind him."

"Huwag tayo masyadong magtiwala sa mga pulitiko na nangangako ng paraiso."

"Ang kabataan ay hindi isip-bata. I have faith in the youth. They can teach the elders which way to go."

G1BO in Dumaguete:
A man who introduced himself as a pastor asked: "How will you eliminate corruption?"
G1BO answered: "...It's just like asking how you can assure us that there will be no sinners in this world."

"I am not the President. I am not Senator X. I am not Senator Y. I am not defense secretary this. I am Gilbert Teodoro. I am myself."

"Whatever decision you make, I know it will be for the better because you're voting for your future, much more than ours. And so I leave our fate, our future in your hands. We believe, we trust in your capacity to bring our country to a better state."

"It is I who should be the focus, not the administration. I have my own views, goals, achievements, and the capacity to govern. It is convenient, of course, for the opposition to use the administration line of attack, but I believe our people will be able to see through such a tactic."

"If those candidates would come to you one day and tell you that they can solve all the ills besetting the country, provided you vote for them, don't believe them and don't vote for them as they are lying. No such politician can do that."

"I am starting it now (handling the opposition). I am running on a positive campaign now, a campaign that respects each other and does not throw mud. The country is sick and tired of that already. I have the ability to build consensus. Best evidence: I was able to build a concensus as one of the newest members of the Lakas-Kampi. I don't stereotype. I don't judge."

“My campaign will remain to be positive because we need to inspire people, we need to encourage people. We need to help each other and lend a helping hand. It has to be positive because our battle cry is ‘Forward Philippines."

"That's the best way for me to solve corruption. You try to avoid people getting tempted by building their fortitude materially (aside from morally)."

“You have to propel the morale of the people, you have to lift up their spirits to believe that they are going to do well, that the government is going to do well so that the country can be put on another plane,”

“Number two, our country must confront a lot of problems that needs a leader with experience, a leader willing to set aside all differences and genuinely reconcile all sectors to be able to solve our difficulties and take advantage of opportunities facing the country.”

"Corruption is merely A function of what you have to do, and not THE function. If you focus your campaign solely on corruption, then you will just be a crime fighter or graft buster, and that is not what a president is. There was minimal corruption in my department during my time...You've done it in your own home and you can export it. Hopefully."

"You have to get the people positive and upbeat to follow you. Having started a negative campaign, you start your administration with a division that's probably incurable. That's not the way to go, not the way I want my administration to start."

“My campaign will remain to be positive because we need to inspire people, we need to encourage people. We need to help each other and lend a helping hand. It has to be positive because our battle cry is ‘Forward Philippines.’”

“I think that’s the most important thing that I can do. [Provide] some basis for an achievable working arrangement even between disparate political forces.”

“If I were to be running just to be a lapdog or a paid hack, I can very well be that with less risk. I will not risk a carefully guarded reputation and a legacy that I want our son to be proud of.”

"I want to see a Philippines that is peaceful, has strong institutions of governance, has modern infrastructure, has food security, is technologically and educationally advanced, with a people who have the capacity to make rational decisions for themselves, true freedom of thought and of expression, a power in Southeast Asia and perhaps the Asia-Pacific

“A hero takes extraordinary steps, with total disregard for personal safety and security, for the benefit of others.”

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Okinawa in an eggshell, nutshell, half-shell

Okinawa, lying between Kyushu and Taiwan, comprises more than 100 islands called the Ryukyu Islands.

With a mild moderate climate, it is like springtime throughout the year. But somehow the climate is quite similar to that of Hong Kong. However, the beach life is how the Okinawans live it! If only we are all to live life like this all the time...

Okuma Beach 

Tropical and subtropical vegetation abound on the islands. Added with crystal clear water, fine white sand and colorful fish dancing through the coral reefs, Okinawa is a prime diving spot and holiday resort for holidaymakers. Unfortunately for us, it was quite cold, and we both had POOR diving skills (not that we really had skills), so we had to skip that part and dip our toes on shore.

 Emerald Beach 

Quickie Facts
Total Area 49 sq. km.
Population  Approx. 130,000 (2008)
Language Japanese
Currency Japanese Yen (JPY)

Phone Access Codes
Country Code: 81
Area Code: 98

Emergency numbers
Police: 110
Fire & Ambulance: 119

Okay, so that’s a brief overview of the island. I have already told you how I got to Okinawa.  Actually, getting there is quite simple. The next things you will hear from me would be some of the best and fun experiences I had on the island. I will try my level best to recall everything, and will first gather round my stuff to give you a more detailed, if not precise entry.

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Monday, May 3, 2010





Just another one of those little reminders why we are here, and how the universe conspired to get to where we are and what we have become. :)

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Afghanistan remake of "Telephone"

My dearest D,

I know it must be hard to be in service while away from your loved ones. While you're at it, I suggest you keep your sanity intact by doing OTHER stuff YOU REALLY LIKE TO DO like basketball, sudoku, or jogging to cope up with homesickness, in case Skype-ing wouldn't do. By all means, just do it. Resorting to other things may lead to this:

Afghanistan remake of "Telephone"

Love always,

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