Thursday, May 27, 2010

Status Update: US Petition (v)

Oh Em Gee!

I woke up at around 6am knowing that I'd be expecting a package anytime today. I have been tracking my courier since yesterday's text I received from Air21.

I have been keeping track of it almost EVERY minute (yeah, I know it's ridiculously excited of me), but then at around 10 or 11am, our usual courier guy showed up and handed me my most-awaited mail of the year!

And behold:

Well, it has actually been 7 months since we became man and wife and 5 months ago when my husband first filed a petition. It shouldn't be a surprise anymore 'coz I am really destined to be where I should be, and that is with my D (I'd never find myself so cheesy like this. Ew.)

And with this, I now update my ongoing time line, which I intend to continue as our journey still does (after all!) continue.

Please click to enlarge

Some VERY IMPORTANT notes about the Immigrant Visa Packet (with emphasis on the RED words):
  1. DO NOT OPEN, or even attempt to open, the visa packet (yellow envelope). You may only open the plastic pouch to retrieve the passport.
  2. You will experience a significant delay if the visa packet is torn. You will not be allowed to board and difficulties will be encountered at any US port of entry. 
  3. DO NOT DETACH the stapled "Immigrant Data Summary" in the visa packet.
  4. The visa packet will be opened only by the Immigration or Public Health Service Officer at the US port of entry. 
  5. Make sure that all personal information in the visa is correct before boarding. The visa can be returned if it contains incorrect data.

The next step is to affix my CFO sticker. I will provide a feedback on this later.

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