Friday, May 14, 2010

Jejemons and the Overrated Aftermath

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Ano daw?

I swear that this is the LAST time I’d  be talking about the topic. I just can’t help but comment about  different reactions. More on them later.

At first, yes it’s funny to see a clueless ditz post something of this sort on their Facebook wall. In fact, all you could do is BUT reply or to comment such posts. It’s as easy to ignore and move on. No problem.

The term jejemon, jejenism, came about when people have been overly using exaggerated spelingzzz ov wuRRdzzz or have been typing “lyk ds“, as though the normal computer keyboard is used the same manner a mobile keypad of a cellphone is used.

Well for your information, this should never have been applied to everything else other than the cellphone.  
From tumblr

In real life, we really do cut words when texting “esp f ur n a hury 2 typ in r msgs 2 ppl hul rid ds 2 cmunic8 w/dm.”…maybe because an SMS supposedly means “short message service”, defeating the purpose of a text message. If that’s the case, care to explain why there are words that seem longer like “p0wh, phf0uzzzs…e0w, uZshTaH naAh…” What gives?

Remember also those times when you receive sweet, sweet love quotes, and we forward them? Back then, we didn't bother editing the message even if it's SCREAMING jejenism. 

But now, mostly are deleted. lol

They are also those who use StIcKy cApS or use püNc+u8n m@rk$ in place of actual letters. Talk about sending a “quick“ message.

Worse, youngsters respond by laughing like this -- jejejeje -- hence, the term. Mind you, unless you’re from South America or of Spanish decent, jejejeje or jajaja is not our way of expressing laughter via chat.

Not only we have seen Mr. Gilbert Teodoro do a mini platform to put jejemons back in elementary, but it also reached twitterland. As a result it got even the attention of someone known as THE BIEBER.

And of course, jejenism has really gone far enough that some even took the liberty of informing the people through the urban dictionary, as well as to have its own space on wiki.

And videos about it:

Sad fact of life: it still exists even in ACTUAL social networking sites. Worse, English teachers finding this their worse nightmare in case students still apply this on essay writing.
Again, got this from tumblr

not so unusual in Friendster. lol

Where am I getting at?

Let me get to the point. What I really am surprised with are the HATERS - yes! Some think that this is sooo wrong. Well, I totally agree you 100%. But to actually contribute to the already screwed-up society of haters really is much more of a nuisance. For all I know, the people behind jejemon hatred are the VERY same people who started it. Come on! You have been once guilty of sTiCkY cApS tYpIng or concocting ridiculous spellingzzz for some words, and you have suddenly become an English Nazi who didn't even care to retype forwarded quotes? And then what, cuss and get upset at the sight of one?  Who are we to cast the first stone on the incoming generation, who had no one else to look up to but us, the people who (unconsciously) started this?

So okay, we get it, jejenism has become an eyesrore, but seriously, it feels too hypocritical to even express utter disgust or outrage, even to create FB pages against it. Face it, we were one of those who gave rise to this trend. Even if you did not directly apply this in your daily writings, you just stood painfully watch it grow into a jejemonster by forwarding those love quotes. 

In this case, we have the power to correct the situation, even if it's as worse as it already is. As Anthony D'Angelo says "If you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it."

I throw the question again to dem hYp0cR!+iCaL HATErzzz. Seriously, would it help to HATE jejemons? So drop the act. It’s nothing to be worked up on. Really. Instead of coming out clean, just correct the kids already if you are TOO bothered seeing them like that And kids, please stick to proper typing and leave the clipped words to text messages shall we?

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