Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Okinawa in an eggshell, nutshell, half-shell

Okinawa, lying between Kyushu and Taiwan, comprises more than 100 islands called the Ryukyu Islands.

With a mild moderate climate, it is like springtime throughout the year. But somehow the climate is quite similar to that of Hong Kong. However, the beach life is how the Okinawans live it! If only we are all to live life like this all the time...

Okuma Beach 

Tropical and subtropical vegetation abound on the islands. Added with crystal clear water, fine white sand and colorful fish dancing through the coral reefs, Okinawa is a prime diving spot and holiday resort for holidaymakers. Unfortunately for us, it was quite cold, and we both had POOR diving skills (not that we really had skills), so we had to skip that part and dip our toes on shore.

 Emerald Beach 

Quickie Facts
Total Area 49 sq. km.
Population  Approx. 130,000 (2008)
Language Japanese
Currency Japanese Yen (JPY)

Phone Access Codes
Country Code: 81
Area Code: 98

Emergency numbers
Police: 110
Fire & Ambulance: 119

Okay, so that’s a brief overview of the island. I have already told you how I got to Okinawa.  Actually, getting there is quite simple. The next things you will hear from me would be some of the best and fun experiences I had on the island. I will try my level best to recall everything, and will first gather round my stuff to give you a more detailed, if not precise entry.

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