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Gibo's WOW

...or Words of Wisdom (WOW)...

This is probably my last post about Philippine elections. Call me a geek, but there were some sleepless nights for me due to anticipation, moreover because of the country's first time to have a taste of the automated system. This is by far the ONLY elections where I really seriously put thought in my chosen candidates, one of which is Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro. His leadership and humility (a very good combination), amongst other reasons, would be his strongest points I admire most, qualities also that attracted thousands (hopefully millions).

 Gibo Teodoro: Galing at Talino

I only got this from an FB page, and I thought I should share nuggets of wisdom from Mr. cool himself. Allow me to indulge you in a series of Galing and Talino quotable quotes and anecdotes. This way, you may still get to know more and reconsider your bet for tomorrow's elections. For others, this is just a way of reminding and reassuring you that you have made a fair and intelligent choice. :)

Words of Wisdom (WOW) by Gibo Teodoro

“Should I be chosen as the next president, you will get a government that is really true, clean and fast in delivering basic services. And I will not forget you for giving me your support,”

“You don't have to put people down in order for people to see your own worthiness.”

“I think it's time that the Filipinos will be able to judge a person more objectively than mere association. After all, life is not a basketball team all the time.”

Mike Enriquez: Bakit di mo talikuran yung partido mo, baka sakali tumaas yung rating mo?
GIBO: Eh di parang itinakwil mo na rin yung pagka-Lasalista mo, Mike.
Mike Enriquez: ahehe! hindi naman sa ganun..

March 9, 2010, 8:00 pm. Gibo in a private meeting with Green Team Davao volunteers: 
"Kahit hindi ko kayo kilala, hinding-hindi ko malilimutan ang pagtulong niyo sa akin. Tatanawin ko itong malaking utang na loob... huwag kayong mag-alala... mananalo tayo.”

During Typhoon Ondoy, the Defense Secretary Gibo Teodoro was asked by people around him to ride a rubberboat to be visibly seen for media mileage. He politely declined and said: "If I will ride a rubberboat followed by many, it will defeat the purpose of saving lives... How can we save lives when there is no more room on the rubber boats?"

"Di ako magpapadikta sa kahit na sino. Gagawin ko lang ang TAMA at NARARAPAT.”

"I am no else's Facsimile. I make my own decisions and no one else can dictate upon me."

"I will not be running for president if I were only to be a puppet, it is not worth my family's reputation to do so."

"Ang usaping pambansa ay pambansa, ang usaping pampamilya ay hindi dapat isama sa usaping pambansa."

Mike Enriquez: Ikaw ba ang mananalo kahit mababa ang rating mo sa survey?
GIBO: Ako naman ang number one sa puso ng tao.
Mike Enriquez: Hindi naman puso ang bibilangin ngayong election.

"I cannot promise an end to poverty, just the road to recovery"

"My main campaign message is reform based on stability because there could be no reform if there is no stability."

"Every Filipino given the chance, given the right environment will outperform everybody else."

"Ang utang na loob sa definition ko is pagsusukli ng mabuti sa mabuti, pag masama na nothing is worth ruining my reputation and my father's reputation."

“I don’t want to run a campaign based on negativity. What sets me apart from the rest is that I run on a platform aimed towards healing past wounds.”

"A soldier goes to battle not because he hates the person infront of him, but because he loves the person behind him."

"Huwag tayo masyadong magtiwala sa mga pulitiko na nangangako ng paraiso."

"Ang kabataan ay hindi isip-bata. I have faith in the youth. They can teach the elders which way to go."

G1BO in Dumaguete:
A man who introduced himself as a pastor asked: "How will you eliminate corruption?"
G1BO answered: "...It's just like asking how you can assure us that there will be no sinners in this world."

"I am not the President. I am not Senator X. I am not Senator Y. I am not defense secretary this. I am Gilbert Teodoro. I am myself."

"Whatever decision you make, I know it will be for the better because you're voting for your future, much more than ours. And so I leave our fate, our future in your hands. We believe, we trust in your capacity to bring our country to a better state."

"It is I who should be the focus, not the administration. I have my own views, goals, achievements, and the capacity to govern. It is convenient, of course, for the opposition to use the administration line of attack, but I believe our people will be able to see through such a tactic."

"If those candidates would come to you one day and tell you that they can solve all the ills besetting the country, provided you vote for them, don't believe them and don't vote for them as they are lying. No such politician can do that."

"I am starting it now (handling the opposition). I am running on a positive campaign now, a campaign that respects each other and does not throw mud. The country is sick and tired of that already. I have the ability to build consensus. Best evidence: I was able to build a concensus as one of the newest members of the Lakas-Kampi. I don't stereotype. I don't judge."

“My campaign will remain to be positive because we need to inspire people, we need to encourage people. We need to help each other and lend a helping hand. It has to be positive because our battle cry is ‘Forward Philippines."

"That's the best way for me to solve corruption. You try to avoid people getting tempted by building their fortitude materially (aside from morally)."

“You have to propel the morale of the people, you have to lift up their spirits to believe that they are going to do well, that the government is going to do well so that the country can be put on another plane,”

“Number two, our country must confront a lot of problems that needs a leader with experience, a leader willing to set aside all differences and genuinely reconcile all sectors to be able to solve our difficulties and take advantage of opportunities facing the country.”

"Corruption is merely A function of what you have to do, and not THE function. If you focus your campaign solely on corruption, then you will just be a crime fighter or graft buster, and that is not what a president is. There was minimal corruption in my department during my time...You've done it in your own home and you can export it. Hopefully."

"You have to get the people positive and upbeat to follow you. Having started a negative campaign, you start your administration with a division that's probably incurable. That's not the way to go, not the way I want my administration to start."

“My campaign will remain to be positive because we need to inspire people, we need to encourage people. We need to help each other and lend a helping hand. It has to be positive because our battle cry is ‘Forward Philippines.’”

“I think that’s the most important thing that I can do. [Provide] some basis for an achievable working arrangement even between disparate political forces.”

“If I were to be running just to be a lapdog or a paid hack, I can very well be that with less risk. I will not risk a carefully guarded reputation and a legacy that I want our son to be proud of.”

"I want to see a Philippines that is peaceful, has strong institutions of governance, has modern infrastructure, has food security, is technologically and educationally advanced, with a people who have the capacity to make rational decisions for themselves, true freedom of thought and of expression, a power in Southeast Asia and perhaps the Asia-Pacific

“A hero takes extraordinary steps, with total disregard for personal safety and security, for the benefit of others.”


  1. i dont want quotes from ny leader..i want action..i want proof...he can say a lot of good things..but the question is if he have done it..he may have good intentions or plans..but have he done it..if not..this are all lip service..nothing else.. :(

  2. hi anon..

    i surely hope you were able to READ the entire thing before leaving your comment... because if you did, then you wouldn't have to ask for your "PROOF" since there are ANECDOTES included to show the person's character.

    well there's nothing really wrong with quoting a few lines from a person...of course you may know already that words are just a portion of a what a person is. in this case, you can see a person's character with the way a person speaks.

    now it's YOUR responsibility as a citizen to find other PROOF and ACTION you are looking for. a LOT of resources are available for you to peruse, and would be deemed pointless for me to COPY and PASTE each of those here in my blog.

    but thanks for your time :)

  3. Well said. I also chose Gibo because I find him to be candid and not romanticize notions of a country devoid of corruption. We all know corruption is bad, but it's just like saying that there should be no inflation at all for an economy to be thriving.


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