Friday, September 3, 2010

Awakened and jetlagged

Okay. I am a delinquent blogger.

Technically speaking though, I never considered myself as a blogger because I never liked blogging, (well, not really) but it's kind of an occasional thing. I only write to my heart's content, and when inspiration calls for it. 

One of the reasons why I wasn't able to update this page is because my laptop broke down, setting my blogging mood down -- suddenly not inspired to write anything unless I wanted to join some sort of ridiculous contest. Apparently, some of my blogger friends seem to feel the same, so I'm not exactly alone in letting cobwebs grow out of my blogs.

Aside from which, I also got too busy with other stuff, which includes my preps to see my husband once again. Remember how I tried to document my US Immigrant Visa status? And now - I'M FINALLY WITH HIM in beautiful Oceanside! I am just in time for our 111th month as a couple. Who knew we'd end up together, rather, begin life with each other? 


And after unpacking my stuff, de-cluttering the apartment, and coping with the jet lag (pretty much on it still),  I am now finally able to post an entry! Now ain't that quite an accomplishment after 5 weeks of not being able to blog? lol 

So in my spare time, while waiting for my Social Security, I will just be chillaxing and will probably post an entry or two about random stuff or stuff that could be informational in nature. Who knows? 

That's all for now!

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