Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bridal Shower -- 09.05.09

I never thought I'd be having a bridal shower.

After visiting the themesandmotifs bridal fair (previous album), Roby told me that we should "pass by a friend's place" before calling it a day. She said that it had something to do with the wedding. I was told to drive by Amber Golden Plate Restaurant at Filmore where she picked up some food to bring her "friend". It actually looked quite fishy that Roby got a LOT of food. There was pancit, barbecue, and that yummy pichi-pichi. Now I started to get hungry and asked if it's really okay to eat at her "friend's place". It should be fine she said.

Of course, nahiya naman ako and thought "Okay lang kaya yon?" not suspecting a thing at all yet, we headed off to Astoria Plaza.

Total surprise.

It was Charm who opened the door. Katie, Mye and Cha were already inside! Like OMG! While waiting for others, we showed them our loot bags from the Bridal Fair, including those wacky photobooth sessions.

The arrival of other guests soon got the party starting as to wonderful food from Amber's were there. A party ain't a party without the flowing booze! How I missed drinking!

Bridal shower parties would not be complete without games and more surprises! We first had the relay which involves a lotion, a cucumber and a condom (see a visual?).

Next, there was this "How well do you know Dave and Shelley game" participated by Qtie, Raunche and Renchie Lou. The questions asked were insane and probably rated PG so answers and questions won't be revealed here (lol). It eventually turned into "How well do you know Dave" as the questions all had to do with him!

After Renchie had won the quizzie, we had another game where we 3 teams need to design a bridal gown using only tissue paper. Riot as my team was running out of ideas. Even if Raunche was supposedly on the queer side, he said he wasn't "blessed" with kalandian skills. So we lost (haha!).

A bridal shower wouldn't be called such if there wouldn't be a dancer! Oh, yes, dancer. There was dancing for a while, and then it ended up with a kwentuhan instead as the dancer was incredibly too young to molest (joke!). He is actually Daddy Monchie's "friend" (thanks dad! :D).

The night ended up in giving away souvenirs and gifts. Thanks to all the wonderful people who gave their best wishes before calling it a night!

In short, the bridal shower was a night that I will never truly forget not because of what happened during the event, but to the people who were present to give me a send-off before entering married life. Even if I were to get married a month later, I am really thankful and touched to feel extra special before my special day. Thanks girls! :D

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