Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blind Item!

By Ricky Lo

By this time, Kenya Romania must have met up with Mauritius Palau. Their longing for each other must have flowed like water let loose from a dam. Tagal kasi nila hindi nagkita, eh! The brazen Kenya Romania doesn’t seem to care if public sentiment is against her, mapagbigyan lang ang hilig. Sometimes in her excitement, she runs the risk of missing her flights. Funfare’s LAX DPA said that when Kenya Romania flew back to Manila from L.A. in December last year, she missed her flight because she arrived at LAX late. Good thing she was put on the next flight that same night. One time, she nearly delayed a domestic flight because she lingered on the celfon, talking to Mauritius Palau. The lovebirds should relish every moment of their, ehem, stolen time. Anytime now, Mauritius Palau’s wife Jamaica will be joining him. Oh well, once the legal wife comes, the “incidental” one will have to disappear pronto — that is, move out of the third-floor flat she’s staying in, a yell away from where Mauritius Palau is staying!

Sinu si Kenya Romania, Mauritius Palau and wife Jamaica? This is an easy one. Hindi na natuto...tsk tsk!

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