Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A New KFC Favorite

It wasn’t until my mom got me a KFC Creamy Tomato Pasta Bowl to suddenly turn a boring Saturday around. I wasn’t able to eat it on Maundy Thursday, so I had to wait until Saturday.

Actually, it was not my first time to partake of KFC’s latest addition to their already popular Pasta Bowls. But among the 3 variants, the Creamy Tomato Pasta Bowl is definitely a new favorite for me.


The meal speaks for itself! When they said it was creamy, it wasn’t watery not did it have a diluted sauce. You can see that it’s topped with actual parmesan cheese, and even has bits of tomato. The chicken Funshots were proportionally spread atop the noodles as their version of meatballs. When all these combined, it was truly a delight.

Even after it stayed in the fridge for 2 days, it came out as perfect as the day it was bought. I popped the bowl in the microwave (except for the lid), and was all set after 2 minutes of re-heating.

On the contrary, the serving only looked like a snack bowl to me or a (merienda snack) for PHP76 (a la carte). I hope the serving size will have variations, or better yet have different serving sizes for different appetites (lol).

Here’s my Pasta Bowl (or what's left of it):

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