Thursday, June 3, 2010

Birthday. Booze. Tobacco. Memorial.

I didn’t know D’s birthday was THAT significant.

I mean, it already is for me and for his loved ones, likewise to his friends from old and new (thanks to facebook. lol).

I really wanted to spend this special day with him, but with the current long distance setup, it was close impossible since D still had to look for a place for us to crash in upon my move. Gladly enough, he had friends to go out with to enjoy his first taste of THE Patron on that memorial weekend.

And yes, he is not a fan of shots nor smokes, but neither was he a fan of partypoopers, so he tried at least a shot or two.

Nope, it didn’t bother me if he drinks around (on occasion) because he simply NEVER does unless peer pressure sets on his birthday (note: birthday ONLY). In fact, being able to mix drinks for him is one of those secret dreams I’d like to do one day.

Alcohol Four Bottles Vodka Images
Not only was it a long holiday for him, but also it was a day of celebration for two key international events -- US Memorial Day and World No Tobacco Day. Thus, more reason to celebrate, on the former at least!

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May (in this case, May 31 in 2010). Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. soldiers who died while in the military service. First enacted to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War (it is celebrated near the day of reunification after the Civil War), it was expanded after World War I to honor dead Americans from all wars (thank you Wikipedia!).

I remember when I used to work for an American-based account, and we had to observe the holiday even if the firm itself was based in the PH. We would even have our team building activities or parties, even if we did not exactly know what we were celebrating for. Some people might even think that it's a day where specials (as in discounts) are being offered in some shops and stores. Some would think that it's time to take that leisurely break from the urban jungle. Fair enough.

But Memorial Day is a commemoration of those who served but didn't make it home. It is to honor and remember men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in their service. 

Being a spouse to a serviceman who may be put in the same circumstance brought my understanding of its importance to a more profound level. A big shoutout to all those still serving Uncle Sam!

On the other hand, World No Tobacco Day is observed around the world every year on May 31. It is meant to encourage a 24-hour period of abstinence from all forms of tobacco  consumption across the globe. The day is further intended to draw global attention to the widespread prevalence of tobacco use and to negative health effects, which currently lead to 5.4 million deaths worldwide annually. The member states of the World Health Organization (WHO) created World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) in 1987. In the past twenty years, the day has been met with both enthusiasm and resistance across the globe from governments, public health organizations, smokers, growers, and the tobacco industry. (Thanks again, wiki!).

The World Health Organization (WHO) selects "Gender and tobacco with an emphasis on marketing to women" as the theme for the next World No Tobacco Day, which will take place on 31 May 2010.

Controlling the epidemic of tobacco among women is an important part of any comprehensive tobacco control strategy. World No Tobacco Day 2010 will draw particular attention to the need to protect women and girls from the harmful effects of tobacco marketing and smoke in accordance with WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Yes, it's an EPIDEMIC, mind you.

Let us endeavor to “Make every day World No-Tobacco Day.”

Research indicates that chemicals from tobacco smoke are transmitted via breast milk. So, stop smoking please, especially if you are pregnant or if you are JUST PLANNING to be pregnant! 

If you don’t even care about yourself, then don’t drag everyone else, especially your own kid for Christ! Respect for personal space too is indeed essential to those who are having a hard time quitting. You are also likewise affecting those who do not wish to be affected by your excessive smoking.

Smoking is dangerous to your health as we all know and everyone, even smokers, would have to agree. Quit smoking and live longer! It would be better to start early. I know for some, it’s not as easy as just being cold turkey. Try some alternatives here.Or find this article useful to you.

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