Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 12 Marks The Declaration of PH Independence

Yes, I know I should have posted this a week ago. This is what makes the site unique…it just doesn’t go with the flow. Haha! How convenient.

But then again, I truly believe that expressing loyalty to the republic and freedom of speech should be done in any point and time, any day of the year. It just so happened that June 12 was the most memorable for the Filipino nation.

This year, June 12 fell on a Saturday -- a perfect day to spend the holiday with the family since it was a long weekend for most of us, especially from the workforce. Those kids who went to school at an earlier date may get to extend their procrastination on their homework.

But first, a brief background:

The Philippine Declaration of Independence occurred on June 12, 1898 in Cavite II el Viejo (now Kawit), Cavite, Philippines. With the public reading of the Act of the Declaration of Independence, Filipino revolutionary forces under General Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed the sovereignty and independence of the Philippine Islands from the colonial rule of Spain, which had been recently defeated at the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War.

The declaration, however, was neither recognized by the United States nor Spain. The Spanish government later ceded the Philippines to the United States in the 1898 Treaty of Paris that ended the Spanish-American War. The United States finally recognized Philippine independence on July 4, 1946 in the Treaty of Manila. July 4 was observed in the Philippines as Independence Day until August 4, 1964 when, upon the advice of historians and the urging of nationalists, President Diosdado Macapagal signed into law Republic Act No. 4166 designating June 12 as the country's Independence Day. June 12 had previously been observed as Flag Day and many government buildings are urged to display the Philippine Flag in their offices. (Thank you, ever-reliable WIKI).

True enough, I have seen residences and establishments proudly hoist the Philippine flag -- the symbol of freedom and of new hope -- pretty much applicable in our present situation as the new administration kicks in.

So on this special day, here were some noteworthy stuff observed:

1. Google page’s honoriffic homepage. Snaps for Google.
 2. features the Coral Island (Palawan) on its homepage though I highly doubt it has anything to do with the holiday.
3. Congratulatory messages from foreign dignitaries and diplomats for (1) Philippine Independence; and (2) the proclamation of our new leaders of the country.

4. Hearing about this PHP10M parade featuring the outgoing administration’s accomplishments. (If you ask my opinion, I’d rather have the money geared towards addressing issues on population or education, don’t you think?). Both the President-elect and his running mate were absent from the festivities as they had to sponsor a wedding.

5. Free MRT ride I took advantage of (3PM-7PM only). Like what my mom said, we DID pay taxes for the entire year anyway, so it‘s really nothing to rave about. Well, can’t complain about the sardine cabins and funny smells. After all, it was free. Thank God I’d have to bear just one station. Nevertheless, thank you dear president for the free ride. :)

6. Most of all, mall-wide Independence Day specials. Megamall was packed! Buy 1, Take 1 on Triumph underwear! Kim Chiu promoting Smart Buddy. Jam-packed National Bookstore for the uber last minute shopping of school supplies. Chaos! Chaos! Chaos! Only in the Philippines.

Didn’t I mention that people are dead-crazy to have the scramble that they have to queue up for it?

And on this note, I would like to dedicate my all-time favorite “nationalistic” hymn. to us all Tayo ay may iisang dugo, isang lahi at musika (We have one blood, race and voice). Song was interpreted by the critically-acclaimed Philippine Madrigal Singers.

Mabuhay ang Pilipino!

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