Friday, June 4, 2010

9 Years of D & S

This is actually my first post about our anniversary as a couple since I only had the interest of blogging just about anything only a year ago. I was able to post some of the monthly anniversaries we shared even in the distance. Good thing technology was there to save us! Thank God!

I haven't even shared our love story before. It wasn't one of those overly dramatic ones seen in Koreanovelas. It wasn't also one of those mediocre stories as well, for I believe each love story is unique in its own way. You can read more on this as a featured love story in one of my friend's successful blogs. 

For our 9th year as a couple, we are STILL in the long distance phase where we constantly long for each other, look and ask "when" we can finally be together. I would sometimes feel that I am not past this "newlywed" stage. Good thing, it won't be long before that finally happens, because it just did!

To celebrate our success as a couple, I have prepared a simple slideshow of the years we have spent so happily together. Pardon the video since I just learned how to tinker with Windows Movie Maker. Now this is my anniversary gift, long-distance style.

And to D, you already know how much :)

I will see you later.

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