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It means “thank you” in Japanese (at least almost everyone knows this).

But not everyone I know of would be familiar with a song bearing the same title. More of that in a bit.

As a total procrastinating critter, you would find me just in bed, with a remote control on hand (my fingers help me burn calories!). Channel surfing has been redefined in our household when I started to get hooked on Korean dramas c/o KBS World (Sky’s Ch. 75), and Japanese News on NHK (Ch. 78). I betcha didn’t hear shows like Reversal of Fate (다 줄거야) or Here Comes Ajumma (아줌마가 간다). Moreover, have you even heard of shows like Pitagora Suichi (ピタゴラスイッチ) or Gegege No Nyoubou (ゲゲゲの女房)?

Which now brings us back to our song, Arigatou, currently being used as the theme song for the NHK drama series "Gegege no Nyoubou," (Gegege's Wife) which ended just last September 27.

"Gegege's No Nyoubou" is an autobiography of a woman who married the author of the classic manga series, Gegege No Kitaro, or better known as Spooky Kitaro

Now since I already moved to the States, I no longer have access to my Asian channels, so I heavily rely on the internet for whatever I could find. O, and thank God for torrents! :)

The song was originally released as a single earlier this year (May 5). It even reached number 1 on its debut week.

Credits given to Ikimono Gakari, the band behind this seemingly touching song. They also will have a 3D music video for "Arigatou,” was Japan's first 3D music video to be publicly shown in movie theaters (started May 8). Audiences who watched the 3D movie "Alice in Wonderland" or "Clash of the Titans" got the chance to see the 2-minute video before the start of the film in only three theaters of Japan. Ikimono Gakari is actually the second Japanese artist to do a 3D music video.

I especially love the melody and how it become stuck in my head though I couldn’t make sense out of it. But surely enough, it’s aimed to “thank” someone.


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(romanized/romanji lyrics, click here)

Arigatou (in Kanji)
ありがとうって伝えたくて あなたを見つめるけど
つながれた右手は 誰よりも優しく
ほら この声を受け止めてる

まぶしい朝に苦笑いしてさ あなたが窓を開ける
舞い込んだ未来が 始まりを教えて

でこぼこなまま積み上げてきた 二人の淡い日々は
こぼれた光を 大事に集めて
今 輝いているんだ

あなたの夢がいつからか 二人の夢に変わっていた
今日だっていつか 大切な思い出
青空も泣き空も 晴れ渡るように

ありがとうって伝えたくて あなたを見つめるけど
つながれた右手が まっすぐな思いを

いつまでもただいつまでも あなたと笑ってたから
信じたこの道を 確かめていくのに
今 ゆっくりと歩いて行こう

喧嘩した日も泣き合った日も それぞれいろ咲かせて

だれかのために生きること だれかの愛を受け入れること
そうやって今を ちょっとずつ重ねて
喜びも悲しみも 分かち合えるように

思い合うことに幸せを あなたと見つけていけたら
ありふれたことさえ 輝きを抱くよ
ほら その声に寄り添ってく

愛してるって伝えたくて あなたに伝えたくて
かけがえのない手を あなたとのこれからを

ありがとうって言葉を今 あなたに伝えるから
つながれた右手は 誰よりも優しく
ほら この声を受け止めてる   

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