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It's always easy to get a CEDULA in Mandaluyong!

Though we know that this is a simple piece of document that is supposedly easy to get, there are things we must know in order not to be confused when you suddenly are being charged PHP200++ for that piece of paper.


We all were used to receiving a 5-peso Cedula (community tax certificate) because either we were too young, unemployed or seeking for a job. Yes, we all know that a Cedula is not supposed to be too costly. But you should know that it’s our way of giving back to the community.

Cutting the bullcrap, this is a form of tax to all residents and owners of corporations, and each have respective fees.

A. For basic community tax:
1. Resident Individuals - P5
2. Corporations - P500

Usually, after we graduate, only pay for the basic community tax since some companies or other government offices require this piece of document for identification purposes. Some offices can be very lenient in issuing this type of document.

A person is required to present a cedula when he or she acknowledges a document before a notary public; takes an oath of office upon election or appointment to a government position; receives a license, certificate or permit from a public authority; pays a tax or fee; receives money from a public fund; transacts official business; or receives salary from a person or corporation (

Then later on in life, after landing our respective dream jobs, we will be needing to update some of our government or company IDs, and here’s where we will likewise be needing another cedula since its validity is good for only one year.

Now don’t ever think that it will still be the same P5 document.  As your income increases, your responsibilities as a resident individual also changes. When you start earning on your own and have been working for at least a year, your next cedula will ask you to pay for additional community tax.

B. Additional Community Tax:
1. Resident Individuals - P1 per P1,000 of income
2. Corporations - will depend on earnings, and real property the preceding year

However, these additional taxes must not exceed P5000 for individuals, and P10,00 for corporations. (
Now in Mandaluyong City Hall, you can easily get the Cedula at the main city hall building. They will not ask you for any form of identification, but they will instead have you fill out their information slip that will ask for the following:

1. Name
2. Address
3. Birthday
4. Monthly Income
The Mandaluyong City Hall

After handing over that piece of paper that contains your details, they will compute the applicable taxes, and give you your very own cedula, which is again, good for one year.

Exempted are diplomatic and consular representatives, and visitors staying in the Philippines for less than three months. They can still get a cedula voluntarily for P1.

Simple isn’t it?

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  1. she, i want to read it, pero di ko mabasa ....

  2. hi there! tnx for your blog it helps me a lot :) i just want to know if possible ba na makakuha ako ng cedula in mandaluyong city hall even if i'm not a resident in mandaluyong? i need to change my status din kasi for my nbi clearance but i'm from laguna and do i need to bring my marriage certificate ba? tnx so much..plz response

  3. hello katrina iza!

    thanks too for finding the site useful somehow and will try my level-best to answer your questions.

    1. i just want to know if possible ba na makakuha ako ng cedula in mandaluyong city hall even if i'm not a resident in mandaluyong?

    --I'm not sure if I'm the best person to ask. I was a resident of Mandaluyong for more than 20++ years, so I haven't really tried applying for a CEDULA from another town where I am not a resident. So I really can't answer that (sorry). But if you are able to provide a Mandaluyong address, maybe (just maybe) they can issue one for you since di naman ganon ka-strict with IDs and everything basta give them the info they will ask (full name, address, birthday,monthly income), and you should be good. But again, I am not absolutely 100% sure if they'll issue you one. Anyway, tax money naman yan eh sino ba sila para tumanggi lol :)

    2. i need to change my status din kasi for my nbi clearance but i'm from laguna and do i need to bring my marriage certificate ba?

    --From my experience, they did not ask for my marriage certificate anymore, just the CEDULA with my married name. But to be on the safe side, you should ALWAYS bring copies of your documents for identification purposes lang lalo na kung change of name and status ang gagawin. Kahit wala pa yung NSO copy ng Marriage Cert, the original can do. Anyway, hindi naman nila hihingin eh, titignan lang.

    Good luck! :)

  4. hello poh..mam may cedula poh ako sa community A then lilipat na ko sa community B and need ko kumuha sana ng brgy clearance sa community B..ok lang ba na ang address ko sa cedula ay community A pero kukuha ako ng brgy clearance sa community B?pls pasagot poh..or pwede ba ichange ang address sa cedula?

  5. Hanggang kailan po ang validity ng cedula?
    May cedula po kasi ako mula sa province address ko more than six months na. Pwede ko po kayang gamitin dito? Sa Mandaluyong ako nakatira. Or kailangan ko kumuha ulit ng bago sa Mandaluyong?



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