Friday, October 8, 2010

Justin Bieber (not the popstar)

I rarely post nowadays due to my 'settling' period (geez, settling takes forever, I know). I also know for a fact that I seldom post anything about Justin Bieber, but can't help it since he's virtually everywhere!

But what's in a name? And how is to live in this age of stardom and technology? 

Ask Justin Bieber, not the popstar okay, but this man:

Justin Bieber, 35-yo from Jacksonville FL doesn't really mind getting a lot of fan mail from all over the world, doesn't mind getting voice messages from crazy screaming fans that shout "I love you Justin" or "You suck". Even after putting his phone under his wife's name, he still got a lot of calls since the number was posted on a fan website.

What ticked him off was that Facebook accused him of having a "fake name", and disabled his account without asking him or giving him a chance to tell the folks what his real identity is.

In an interview, this married, self-proclaimed pinball geek said, "I guess their policy is ban first, ask questions never." He was briefly kicked off another social network, Ping, which is affiliated with iTunes -- and still no luck with the Facebook team.

And on a funny note, he joked about how people could now pronounce his name properly, where he used to be referred as "Justin bay-ber".

Full story here:

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