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NBI Clearance in Mandaluyong City Hall

Okay, so I totally forgot about posting this topic because of a ton of things I needed to accomplish, as my timeline suggests.

My first attempt to get an NBI clearance was years back (2003), because I needed this piece of document for employment purposes. I went to the Carriedo Branch and surprisingly, the experience was not so bad after all, even if we could say that the line resembled a human caterpillar detangling itself. But then again, it was really organized, and the ride was fairly smooth. 

Here‘s the best part, renewals are much easier because you can swing by at the nearest NBI kiosk, which gives you a shorter queue on off-peak days. For more information about my experience in renewing the NBI Clearance in SM Megamall, click here

Months ago, I decided to have my NBI clearance updated to my married name. Reasons would include the fact that I urgently needed this piece of identification:

- as a requirement for my CR1 application;
- that it IS considered a valid ID; and lastly,
- it was SUPPOSEDLY the easiest to update.
The last item appeared to be false (well, in my case, at least).
Forget the long lines from renewal kiosks, because changing your maiden name into a married one is completely like applying the NBI clearance for the first time. 

To do this, you have to go to a NBI Satellite Office (NOT a renewal kiosk). You can do the application at the following locations:
1. Quezon City Hall **
2. Pasig City Hall **
3. Muntinlupa City Hall **
4. San Pablo City Hall **
5. POEA **
6. Kalibo, Aklan **
7. Las Pinas City hall
8. Mandaluyong City Hall
9. Caloocan City Hall
10. Valenzuela City Hall
11. Marilao, Muncipal Hall
12. Los Banos Municipal Hall
13. Taytay Rizal, Municipal Hall

** Installed with computers. Releases NO HIT clearances applied on the same day (thanks to

My proximity to the Mandaluyong City Hall branch was the supposedly perfect place for me to have my NBI Clearance updated. Well, it was! Since I lived in that very district, I did not hesitate for a second to rush its expected busy office.

Well, almost rushed there. I arrived at 3pm -- bad idea! It’s because their cut off is only until 3. You may think that it’s quite unfair for a government office to have a cut off time, but you’d really understand why -- it’s even quite impossible for them to finish by 5pm because of the volume of people trying to avail of their services.

So as a tip, transact before 3pm! Do not even think about going to a kiosk, because they won’t entertain you if you needed to change your name or status.

What to bring:
1.  Current NBI clearance (no photocopies allowed) - it’s okay if you were not able to bring it on the day of your renewal. They will just ask you to fill out the NBI Application Form- the kind that first-timers use.

As a suggestion, BRING it. It is a way of immediately identifying you, so that they wouldn’t need to “double-check” your identity.

2. CEDULA - this is to prove that you are indeed a resident of Mandaluyong City. You see, it’s a way for them to make sure that actual residents of the city are getting the benefits of utilizing the town’s facilities. All you need to do is show it to them, and you are not to submit this as a requirement. 
3. Amount of PhP115 processing fee.
There is actually only one counter/window opened to submit the form and pay the processing fee. You will just have to wait for your name to be called for the image capture, which is basically also the window beside it. You will just have to stand (or sit) behind the white “background” provided and look at their web cam to capture your smile. Note: you may sometimes not realize that they already took your picture so better be on the alert side.

And then you wait.

Agonizing, I say, because you will have to wait under a “tent” used for street birthday parties and wakes. They have also provided monobloc seats and benches for all applicants who are likewise waiting for their name to be called. Yes, you’d have to wait in “open air” and sometimes, under the scorching heat. You could be lucky if there are unoccupied seats. It was brutal because it’s gonna be humid, noisy and tiring, so a mini-merienda and some drinks would be helpful to cope with hunger and possible dehydration.

I also mentioned it was noisy. You will hear someone shouting out instructions or people’s names through a loud speaker, even if it wasn’t necessary especially if you already have a device that will already blast your voice. Aside from that, the windows to the right also has their own microphone that will blast the names of people getting the Mandaluyong Police Clearance. At least the man there did not have to shout. 

And for about an hour or so, you will finally hear your name once they find your records “clear”, meaning, no hits or similar name. Otherwise, they will ask you to return after 1 week on a time they will specify just to get your clearance. So for those with unique names, good for you!

Unfortunately for me, I was one of those that needed to go back because they must have seen me with a “hit”. For those who know my full name, I don’t think everyone will agree that I have a namesake with anyone else in the world, especially with my new married name. You could probably imagine the odds.
On the other hand, it may be because I wasn’t able to give my personal copy of my NBI clearance and filled out the form as a new applicant. I only assumed this because they may think that I would have a namesake, which is just probably myself! Haha!

So after a week, I went back to get my NBI clearance. Went as early as an hour before the schedule, but the staff said to wait at 4pm, since it was their specified time to accommodate all those who were asked to come back. No exceptions.
So I waited again, only because I don’t want to be shouted at by the ones calling out the names. They are sometimes giving out nasty comments to the “pasaway” people who have nothing to do but make their job worse by asking if they were already called or if they could already get their NBI clearance.

Finally I got my NBI clearance. For some reason, I always get called last! Maybe it’s because I have THAT ENOUGH patience to endure waiting unlike those that were with me.

And I was so glad that I had to change my name once!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. It will save me a lot of trouble. Gwen

  2. Hi May Gwen!

    Thank you for finding the site useful as well! :)

  3. Nice blog, tnx po. papalitan ko ung birth year ko, mukang nag typo error ung sa kiosk. 1984 naging 1981. ^_^

  4. Thanks for the info! :) So, no need to bring a marriage certificate? :)

  5. 1983,

    Hi! Yes, during that time I didn't have to bring one. Just the cedula (updated with married name) and the current (old) NBI clearance.

    Goodluck! :)



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