Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mandaluyong City Police Clearance

I never thought getting a Police Clearance would be a piece of cake! Again, another hats off to the Mandaluyong City Government for the efficiency! :)

Mind you, a Police Clearance is different from an NBI Clearance. They differ in scope. While the NBI Clearance checks for any records on a national level, the police clearance checks for any derogatory record within city limits. It can also be used as one of the secondary IDs and could be asked as a basic requirement for local or overseas employment.

NBI clearance can be valid for up to 1 year (if abroad), but the police clearance is only good for 60 days (boo!).

1. CEDULA (Residence Tax Certificate)
2. Official Receipt as proof of payment.

That's it!

You DON'T have to bring any photos as they are prepared to take your picture at the location. Just to be sure, bring any white background 1x1 picture in case their web cam breaks down. No fret, there is also a nearby RUSH ID van parked within the city complex premises (just in case only that their camera becomes defective).

Here's how the city folks do it:
  1. Proceed to the BOC building, and get the application form at Window 1. The BOC building is very much in front of the PNP building within the city complex.
  2. Fill out form and proceed to the Main City Hall Building (blue tinted building) to get your CEDULA.
  3. Within the Main Building, pay the amount of PHP125 (local) or PHP250(abroad).
  4. Go back to the BOC building, submit your CEDULA and OR.
  5. Have your picture taken and wait for your name to be called out.
I know my pic is crappy

What made it easier for me was that it barely took me 15 minutes to get my police clearance! To give you an idea, I went there at around 1 or 2 pm on a hot Thursday. I guess not everyone could stand the heat during this time. What is it with Thursdays anyway? I was able to complete my SSS Requirements in a jiffy too (like say what, 30 minutes?)! To read my SSS experience, you may click here.

I guess we I can safely conclude that Thursday is not a "peak" day of the week for most government offices! :)

What are the other tips you may want to share when getting documents in a cheap, but quick way? Feel free to leave comments! :D

Complete address:
Ground Floor, BOC Building
City Government Complex, Maysilo Circle, Bgy. Plainview
Mandaluyong City

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