Thursday, March 25, 2010

Alma Mater Weekend

I haven’t been posting entries because I didn’t expect my weekends to be that hectic! Now, I’m having this headache for lacking sleep…you see, my body’s used to sleep real late and wake up at around 10am the following day -- but the past few days, I had to wake up early. This was actually my first time to visit both my former schools in one weekend, so this made it quite extraordinarily special.

Saturday: Crocs Mega Sale and CEU

In 2009, we lined up at 8am even if the tent would open at 10am. We were able to get 10 pairs for only 5,000! That was a real steal because a pair could be around 2,000 or up.

This year, we went to the same event and queued up at 9:30am because we figured that that 30 mins before opening should be okay since a lot of people are accommodated inside. the tent Once the gates opened, we were able to get in quickly because there was a separate line for Citi cardholders. 

I was planning to get Mary Jane either in lavender or sea foam, but I couldn’t find sizes lower than 10! Such a shame.

But instead, I was able to get these since I needed a more outdoorsy type of footwear.
Wraith light grey/pink

To sum up, we only bought 5 pairs this year as the choices weren’t that good, unlike last year’s.

After that, we went to CEU as mom had a dental appointment with one of her colleagues. I haven’t been back to the campus grounds for such a long time, and being there brought back a lot of wonderful thoughts during my college days, even the time I met D. (Haha! I even find my cheesiness quite amusing! At least for me).

Here are some pics:
DCT Lanai
Canteen at DCT: Now an open space going to the former lanai

You can really tell that there are a lot of changes right now at CEU. After all, it has been 6 years. But then again, there are some things that didn’t change. I still liked the same siomai and buko pandan I’ve been grubbing through my college days.

Anyway, I had to sit in front of the computer as I had to take charge of the souvenirs for Kyla’s Mafia Party. To our luck, we weren’t able to print out the gift tags from mom’s laser printer because of connectivity issues. So it sucked to be sitting idly when you know that you have a ton of work to do. No choice but to wait for home.

Sunday: SPCP High’s 27th Commencement Exercises

Yes, I was back to our dear old school after that homecoming. This time, I attended Kyla’s graduation which was held at the SPCP Convention Center (formerly Chauvet Gym/St. Paul Square). The construction was not yet completed at the time so the school had to improvise the stage and seating arrangement.
St. Paul Square?

I got to see high school personalities like Sr. Agana, Sr. Baricaua (aka Sr. TA and Sr. TB, respectively), Sir Velarde, Ms. Dela Paz, Ms. Pike and others.
Sisters and Faculty with Mom and Dad in the background (taken during offertory)

Mrs. Fetalvero (formerly Ms. Bandelaria) still led and conducted the graduates’ singing of graduation songs. I like how they did the Lupang Hinirang (yes, they did voices for that too!), with the march-y tempo it should have (in your face, NHI). There were new songs added in the Eucharistic celebration, but the students were probably lazy singing, which was why the blending in some songs didn’t seem to work. Oh well, students.
Mrs Fetalvero (formerly Bandelaria) still leads the graduates. 
Also shown are GIFT violin and guitar graduates

After which, the commencement exercises started, and I was busy doing some party favors for Kyla’s party until it was her turn to receive her diploma and her 19 awards!
Mom hanging sister's 8 of 11 medals

After the “festivities” we dined in at Cyma and simply loved the salad and the other greek-inspired food we had.

With this I ask, when in a million years will I ever go back to my Alma mater on the same weekend?

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