Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What's up St. Paul?

What better way to recollect all those thoughts and childhood mem'ries is to go back to the roots where you have grown up most of your childhood and teenage life with a lot of people who mattered.

Ahhh, high school.

Admit it, you loved your high school years more than college. Well, at least for a lot of people I know. This could be because most were able to have childhood friends, that are still friends after all these years. This was where you knew everything was real -- aches and pains, fun and laughter, friendship and rivalry.

It wasn’t that long ago when we had that golden opportunity. Last December 5, 2009 was a chance for the Class of ‘99 to revive all those real, but feel-good feelings once felt during high school. I can say it wasn’t by accident that it happened. We made it happen, and was glad we did. Hell yeah!

“Let’s go Seniors99”

Since the school spirit was still fresh at that time, I also decided to attend the SPCP’s annual homecoming. I have been asked by different people for quite some time, but due to work conflicts, I unfortunate to partake in such events, and 2010 has proven to be a lucky year for me.

Other than picking up my sibs from that very same school each chance I had, it was my absolute first time to explore the grounds again. Well, it is an understatement for me to say that there were changes. Sure. It’s been 10 years, and A LOT has changed.

Spot the difference:

Circa 1995

Can you guess which place is this?

Or this?

What about this?

What used to be a single-floored structure, the Pre-school building (above) is now a massive 5-storey building, with a built in elevator, basement parking and a chapel bigger than Mere Maria Hall, or at least what I thought it was.

Speaking of its chapel, this was where the homecoming started -- with a mass officiated by Father Bart. You see, Fr. Bart has been long gone from SPCP and was assigned to a small parish at Batangas, and we were fortunate enough to have him again. Though most of us may not have very fond memories of him, he was a big part of the Paulinian community. He even lovingly asked us if he could be invited once again for every homecoming. That’s when I realized what a sweet heart he could be, and that he misses the dear Paulinans.

Fr. Bart and Ms. Iggy

At the registration area, we had to pay PHP250. I heard that in the previous homecomings, no one had to shell out anything, but now we were paying a fee. Why was that?

For one, it was the time where we had to update our alumni cards. I really don’t know anymore what happened to the old ATM-type one I had. For the new card, your photo will be taken already and quickly printed out.

Another reason would be is that some of the proceeds will go to Ondoy donations.

The homecoming’s main program was held at the Mere Marie Anne de Tilly Hall, also at the 3rd floor of the Pre-school Building. I used to remember Mere Marie Anne de Tilly Hall was the place where we performed during Christmas, where we would have our junior sports fests, family days and other pre-school events. Now, it’s located at a much better venue, much bigger space. It seemed like an events place now for various occasions.

Some familiar faces were seen like Sr. Baricaua, Sr. Teresita, Sir DV, Ms. Ignacio, Ms. Shao. They had an AVP about the achievements of the school, what it is now, and what it will be. After all, the nuns indeed have the bragging rights!

Ahh, high school!

When will I be back? I may not know when, but for sure I will see a lot of other wonderful changes by then.

High school never ends!

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