Friday, March 5, 2010

How I Did My SSS ID and Some tips

What a tedious day it was!

Getting married has a lot of perks -- but there's a TON of paperwork that goes along with it, especially for us women since we are the ones changing our surname.

Okay, so I'm pretty much used to the whole deal of getting NSO (National Statistics Office) documents from the East Avenue Serbilis Center. No problem. I needed a lot of my Birth Certificates as both D and I also needed copies essential in updating our status. We also needed a number of copies of our Marriage Certificate to legally prove that we have indeed tied the knot!

I just realized that SSS (Social Security System) Diliman was only across NSO! Imagine what I had been missing all this time going back and forth in the area! Well, no point complaining here, but it could have saved me a lot of trips and MRT Stored Value Tickets! Nevertheless, I was still thankful to have accidentally found the place, since I found out that their branches in Mandaluyong and Pasig have defective ID machines.

With my SSS ID and other documents on hand, I marched inside the SSS complex, hoping at my chance for getting an amended ID.

I previously went to SSS Mandaluyong to update my last name last December and completed form E-4 or simply called the Member's Data Amendment Form. I must add, when I went to the Mandaluyong branch on an afternoon, I was the only person there, and the employees looked like they were anticipating the holidays.

Usually, it would take them a week or so to update your records. However, since I submitted the form a day before the Christmas holidays, I expected it to be a week or so after the holidays.

At the same time, I sent an email to the SSS Member relations ( to inquire about remitting payments even if I have already left my employer. Usually, payroll would deduct my salary for loans.

According to the SSS Department head who replied to my email, this could still be done through SSS accredited banks, or remittance center, SM malls or any SSS branch that has tellering facility by using Form ML1 or Loan Payment Form.

Luckily, SSS Mandaluyong has a "tellering" facility, and that Megamall's pretty much within my proximity.
She was also able to inform me that the request for change of name and status has already been updated in the database. That was a relief.

Then again, I still have no ID yet, hence, the Diliman Branch was inevitably the next destination. To complete the process for SS ID application, here are my tips:

NOTE!!!! This is intended for people who are to change their last names only, and provided that the E-4 form has already been submitted. Some of the other steps may not apply.

1. Get the E-6 form from either Booths 1-3. All 3 booths are information kiosks where you could get forms and information about the various services they offered at the building. They could answer any inquiry regarding transactions, and gives you a number to the appropriate window. Usually booths 1-2 are for general inquiries, so the line could be long here. However, booth number 3 is a kiosk solely for ID applications, and where you will get your number.

2. On the same booth, ask for an R-6 (Miscellaneous Payment Return), otherwise known as their Official Receipt. You have to fill out the form 4 times since it's a carbonless form. Can't this get any more tedious!

3. If there are more people ahead of you on queue at the E-6 verification, proceed to the Main Building (still within the SSS complex) and ask the guard where you can pay. Show him the R-6, and you will be pointed to the right direction. Once there, prepare PHP150 for the replacement fee.

4. Go back to the Member Services Building where you started and fill out the E-6 form completely and in BLACK INK. The zip code is a required field in the form. If you do not know your zip code, there is an area near the E-6 verification section where all the zip codes in the PI are listed. 

5. By the time you get back to the verification section, prepare the following:

  • ONE Primary (aka "stand alone) Document -- either the passport, driver's license, PRC card, seaman's book 
  • TWO Secondary documents. The list of the secondary documents are found here. You can use the marriage certificate as your first ID, and the other one should be another ID that has a photo, and your amended name/married name. 
  • Current SSS ID
  • Completed E-6 form
  • Official Receipt for payment
  • Your copy of the E-4 as proof that you have filed the amendment.
6. You will be directed to go to counter 36 for an appointment for the ID and data capture. They will give you an appointment slip that has the date, time, and ID capture workstation number.

I will only post up to this part since I am still waiting for my appointment, which will be on the 11th.

Other things to know:
  • You may do your E-4 (amendment) at any SSS Branch as well as E-6 verification. Call your nearest branch to verify if they indeed do so.
  • As of now, Mandaluyong and Pasig branches have defective ID capture machines so after you have applied from your local branch, you may need to visit the East Avenue branch for the appointment. Tedious. Tedious. However, some branches could do the appointments for you so that you'll show up at Diliman/East Ave. branch on your appointment day.
  • You can pay the fee of PHP150 at any SSS Branch or any SSS accredited bank.
  • Senior Citizens have a priority lane, but it may not be posted on the counters. However, information booths 1 and 2  have marked "priority lanes".
  • I went on a Thursday afternoon, and it barely took an hour. The moment I got my number, my number was already being called! 

Could there be other simpler ways of renewing SSS IDs? Please feel free to share! :D

SSS Mandaluyong is located at:
Gomega Bldg. , 6 J. Tiosejo St., corner P. Martinez St., Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong, City
Contact Numbers: Tel. No. 531-6461 / 534-1445 /534-1446 / Fax No. 533-9533

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