Sunday, March 7, 2010

What's the latest buzz??? THE BUZZ!

I know. Tsismosa!

I rarely blog about showbiz, but can't help it! It's a form of entertainment aside from the Korean drama series I watch at KBS. Yes, allow me to indulge myself here.

Anyway, watching The Buzz this afternoon, I had a chance to see Ruffa(R) in her fab gown today. I think she had to wear it because it sort of felt like her graceful exit from ABS-CBN. 
March 7, 2010 episode

Everything was going well and in fact, I didn't even notice Kris(K) bullying R during this time. They even joked about moving to the new network where it's happier to be with them on the program, while R told K not to rub it in, then the tearful R just walked out when they prompted for a commercial break. Knowing K  for being tactless, and R took it pretty hard, this then sparked the so called fight.

Here, by the way, was the POV segment before everything heated up (thanks Karen =) ).

Everything was running normally on The Buzz, until I read this tweet from @djmotwister stating "just heard Ruffa Gutierrez walked out of the Buzz in tears cuz Kris Aquinos attitude prob. she was being rude bout Ruffa going go tv5. Sucks". OMG, R, crying?

That's when I tried to glue my attention now to the tube, switching from StarTalk and The Buzz.

Chismosa! lol

Anyway, when I switched to The Buzz, R wasn't there anymore as Boy(B) and K were interviewing K's hubby James Yap on his recent achievement(s), and baby James. I really wasn't paying that much attention to the scene since I was switching from station to station. StarTalk host Raymond Gutierrez was already telling the audience that at StarTalk, all colleagues love each other and that he'd not do anything to make anyone cry. 

Then they announced that they would be having Annabelle Rama, R's mom, to give a comment via phone.

Here's the phone interview of R's mom:

Apparently, K has been interrupting R during here supposedly "farewell" speech, which may appear to have been a form of "pambabara". She even told the people the reason now for not voting Noynoy. I can really understand a mother's frustration over her kid being bullied by some brat, but blowing it out of proportion by telling people not to vote for Noynoy? Oh well, real emotions do come out when upset, but it sure is not right to involve other people.

For now, R (@iloveruffag) and K (@itsmekrisaquino) have been posting comments via twitter. To read the full story, click here

That graceful exit of R turned into a juicy controversy that got the people talking for the rest of the night! This may go on for at least maybe a week?

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