Tuesday, February 23, 2010

After Wedding Party for Two -- 10.26.09

Okay. I know I'm way behind my posts. But I'm doing it anyways, like anyone has a choice. lol.

So here's how D and I spent the rest of our wedding day.

After the folks have gone, we went to change in our upgraded suite; relaxed and spent quality time.

See? We even have our individual beds! As if!

But this was the best part of the suite.
Suite, isn't it (lol)

Oh well, I will not go into details anymore about the room, but to sum it up it felt great staying there.

We both loved gelato a lot, and D would often get some especially when he's here in warm Manila. We got ourselves a gelato fix over at Gelatone, Greenbelt and had the tiramisu-flavored one.Sweet, eh?

After resting a bit, D and I headed off to Spicy Fingers for a great meal and a good laugh. How were the two combined?

I had to make reservations before actually barging in since it was a Monday comedy night. Comedy Cartel's performance started promptly at 8pm, with a minimal entrance fee of PhP150. While we waited in this laid-back resto with very lovely, warm interiors, we didn't pass up on the spicy food on their menu. After all, we were eating at Spicy Fingers.

I think this was chicken satay we ordered.

For your info, Comedy Cartel has been around the Metro for quite sometime now, bringing with them their witty punchlines. They are not just your ordinary slapstick comedians, who'd only use green jokes for getting people excited. They're an all-male group headed by Mike Unson and Tim Tayag who cleverly induced the crowd with wild laughter, though their jokes were simply based on how the crowd would react or respond. Laughing about their own experiences could somehow make the crowd relate and laugh about life as well. It was stand-up comedy at its finest. However, the front acts were a little dull and you could really tell that they're proteges in the field, but when the main performers came on stage, everything turned around as the audience still had energy towards the end of the act.

To give you a sampler, you can watch the video below:

It was indeed a perfect night for us, since D and I were always on a quest for fun-filled activities that will surely make a relationship work out. Going to a different kind of comedy bar was a classic!

For show schedules, visit www.ecircleentertainment.com

Here are the pics from our post-wedding date:

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