Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Church hop turned food trip -- 10.29.09

D and I decided to visit one of the churches we chose for the wedding (Sto. Domingo). We first made a stop along Tomas Morato to get cash at a nearby ATM.

Since neither of us have ever stepped inside Il Terrazo, we decided to have our pit stop in search for an ATM machine. Even if the place was within the vicinity of my former office, I never had a chance to check out the place.

Okay, so Rustan's supermarket located at the basement was not exactly a place we need to scout, so went upstairs to see if we could find an ATM.

Wala! (None).

But at least we got to try Angelati Italia gelato, also found at the top floor.

We went to the top floor and saw some food stores, but since we love frozen treats, we just had to try Angelati Italia, a gelato stall with fantastic treats. D and I simply couldn't pass up on frozen goodies at all! It's somehow a ritual for us to try all frozen treats. Let's just say, this is a form of adventure for us.

Verdict: Very good for Angelati Italia, very bad for Il Terazzo for having no ATM. Boo! We had to cross to another building in order to withdraw funds. What a waste of parking money.

Anyway, we then went to Sto. Domingo Parish to have an idea about the requirements. Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez wed just a few days ago there, but that really was not why we ever went to see the church. This was where me and my sibs were baptized, and the courtyard was absolutely gorgeous.

So we went to the main office to inquire about the requisites, and to get my baptismal certificate. To my disappointment, the baptismal certificate would only be good 6 months before the already set church wedding date. We wouldn't know for sure when we could have a church wedding. Oh well, at least we tried. I'll just show the requisites some other time. Trust me, it's really a long list.

After that, we went to Greenhills for D to have some cash changed, and to see if he could have his PSP upgraded. It goes without saying that I also needed to look for stuff too. Haha! Don't worry, I usually am empty-handed at the end of a shopping day, unlike some gals who couldn't just go home without buying something.

I asked D to try the noodles at Pho Hoa Vietnamese noodle house. One of his Vietnamese friends said it was meant to be pronounced as "fa" and not like "pho-wa". So okay, I believed him.

I love to eat the chicken noodle soup (Pho Ga) because of its refreshing taste. A warm, but cool treat that hits the tired soles (well, not directly the soles of the feet).

As always, we enjoyed each others company (and the food that went with it).

For more pics:

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