Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Union of D&S (behind the scenes) -- 10.26.09

Planning a wedding is always very stressful for most brides (and the groom), especially those deemed as "bridezillas". I don't blame them because you can have your wedding once, so why not make it as nearly perfect as it should? It makes a whole lotta sense since we are formed in a crazy society where people are all boxed up (abu..hehe) as to what a perfect wedding should be like.

However, I didn't have to sweat a bit in orchestrating this wedding. I believe keeping it simple is the key. After all, what's important is the exact, actual exchange of vows. The rest are simply garnishes of a main dish.

D and I had to opt for a civil wedding due to time (and proximity) constraints. With less time before he gets deployed at some random undisclosed location, we simply couldn't afford to really plan a church wedding. The possibility of having canceled reservations from suppliers and contacts is extremely high, (and so would stress levels be!) because of the nature of his work. Maybe at a later time, perhaps we could do this church ceremony. A civil ceremony would have to do for now.

We had an agreement that I will be the one taking care of everything (filing, compiling, logistics) while he's in charge of the paperwork and finances.

After taking care of the legalities and finalizing the date, I had nothing left to do but to take care of the reception. It was already September when the date was finalized as civil wedding dates could never be arranged unless you know a judge who may be available to solemnize the rites.

D and I had to finally talk about the guest list. We have come to an agreement to strictly invite immediate family members only -- ensure that we still keep this as simple as it should. We also believe that it is not necessary to impress relatives, unlike when we invite friends. So less stress! With little time, we had to contact everyone with an RSVP. I even designed an evite for Multiply and Facebook relatives.
Save the Date!

I was in touch with different hotels within Mandaluyong to get the best rates for 40 heads. I didn't do ocular inspections as I was really not that particular with the how function rooms would look like. Bottom line, all function rooms are plain and boring. I was more focused on getting the best rate. Then I saw this promo from Legend Villas. When I showed D the packages available, he was sold to the idea of having the reception held there! Not only the place was accessible to both families, but everyone could enjoy a variety of dishes from the set buffet package.

We decided to go to the Legend Villas at the Lola Maria Restaurant when he came here last September to check out the food. He was instantly into it! I was really happy that we both liked it there...the ambiance, the service, the food! -- the many reasons why I was not that worked up about the wedding.

After placing the reservations, now what?

Since I had a lot of time on my hands, I was able to put in some add ons.

I will just blog about the festivities some other time. 

Did you get to have a stress-free, hassle-free wedding? Share now! :)


  1. Great wedding with a limited amount of time.. but with more time you can have the wedding of your dreams! :) i love the article.

  2. aww b!

    that's so sweet. :)

    if i were given another chance to go back, i wouldn't change a thing!



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