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Food and Road Trip in Tagaytay -- 11.01.09

Since it's my turn to be a grown up, D and I now have the chance and privilege to just go wherever our feet, our curiosity (and car) could take us - just the two of us. We went to Tagaytay because it was a place where we haven't been to as a married couple, and have not fully explored what it had to offer.

The Tagaytay Fruit Arch (or what I at least call)

It was a fine Sunday morning, but I knew we had to get there early because of a possible traffic, and the fact that it was All Saints Day, we could wind up stuck somewhere on the South Expressway (SLEX), and my predictions were somehow correct. After that hour-long drive, we decided to have breakfast at the Pancake House at Paseo de Sta. Rosa. As expected, D ordered a local dish.

Beef Tapa, yum!

One other reason why we went to Tagaytay was because D wanted to relax in a spa. Our trip to Boracay made him realize what he's been missing. So, okay!

We drove off to the Taj of Tagaytay (along Aguinaldo Highway) to have an appointment, though they also accept walk-ins. I mean who would have an appointment on All Saint's Day anyway? However, there was only one therapist available at the time, and we had two hours to wait for 2 therapists.

"Yay! 2 hours of road tripping!"

D and I quickly left the place, and thought of having coffee at Breakfast at Antonio's, just to let time pass before lunch time. The long drive from the highway makes you want to feel lost and hopeless along the way, until you find this huge gate where the excitement kicks right back in.


It has been known for its very relaxed and elegant setting.  No wonder people flocked to the place! It's colonial America-inspired interiors makes the ambiance quite nostalgic, and homey at the same time. It felt like visiting relatives in an ancestral home! Its elegance can be described by the grand chandeliers, the servers' black and white long-sleeved uniforms, and the grand antique collections that adorned the entire place.

I knew I should have taken more b&w and sepia pics of the resto so that I'd end up looking at a photo that came off an old folk's album.

After lounging and talking, D decided to have lunch somewhere else, so okay! The road trip was on!

We went back to Aguinaldo highway looking for good places to eat. We had already gone to Leslie's before and I don't think we need be in Tagaytay to eat Yellow Cab, Jollibee or any resto we could likewise find back home. So we finally landed to Bag of Beans since it was also along the Aguinaldo Highway.

I always knew this place was just a bakery and coffee shop, but I was dead wrong -- well, somewhat. It indeed has its own separate bakery upfront as in the picture above, but if you move towards the left, you'll find the stairs leading to the main entrance of the coffee shop and restaurant.

Starving and all, D and I went down and sat at a non-smoking area, which is similar to a small cottage. The smoking area, on the other hand, would have to be the dining areas all located outside the cottage. This time, the place has a country-style feel -- quite appropriate in breezy Tagaytay.

This bakery turns out to have a wide menu of food choices after all, and we were not disappointed with the servings at all. D's steak was tender, as well as the fish fillet that I had. Perfect!

What I didn't like about the place was that they allowed solicitations from Club Astoria where they make you sign some stubs for a "free raffle", which was sort of a scam anyway. More details are found here.

Other than that, it was a fantastic way for us newlyweds to enjoy life.

...and this ain't the best part yet...

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