Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm Back!

Still not in my usual blogging frenzy though, but I just wanna let you guys know that I'm definitely back in hot and humid Manila, and just cooling down a bit. I missed home a lot, but I surely will miss Okinawa.

I guess I can say that I loved the semi-chilly sub tropical islands of Okinawa, Japan with the ever so loving husband on the side. What more could I ask for?

Pure bliss, I should say.

I vow to come back to the islands again with him some day.

More entries and pics to come!

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  1. ok... una... WELCOME BACK! i missed you while you were busy canoodling with the hubby in blissful okinawa, japan! i am still green with envy. pangalawa, as usual, you and dave look cute together. kainis na! hehehe... pangatlo, so looking forward to the pictures. you should also put a post full of tips for 1st time tourists to japan so we know what to expect when we get there. maganda un from your point of view so we don't feel so stupid and hopeless (kasi kaka-first time mo lang rin) like what i'm thinking i'm going to feel if i get my advice from a seasoned okinawa traveller. yey! :) please and thank you.

  2. hey jinginsg aka the lazy ofw! hahahaha! oo nga i miss everyone talaga pati going online and stuff! i was making the short-lived trip worthwhile so i had to shut down for a while back..haha! wag ka mainggit naasar nga ako kasi i left my the cable for my cam kya i still couldnt upload pics..may take a while but i have copies from dave's camera! :P

    actually i was also thinking about the same thing, like posting tips..super dami since the culture is entirely different from ours, and you wouldn't want to feel that you may have offended the japs. lol. and anu ka ba! ndi pa ko seasoned traveller sa ok! haha dave really filled me in a lot about okinawans so kwento ko na lang..hahahaha :D



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