Monday, February 8, 2010

Manny Villar Takes YM by Storm

He is now becoming more and more popular in terms of ad placements all over -- print, airwaves, tv, the internet and even right after the MRT girl announces the next station! Aside from the viral campaign ad that aired sometime last December, I've also seen one from yahoo messenger (photo above) that I've been meaning to get a screen capture of. Today, I got a chance. Hehe!

I've been hearing a lot people getting LSS (last song syndrome) of the jingle. Even the noisy kids in our neighborhood, who used to sing Christmas carols, are now singing the jingle. Maybe his intent to get his name out there is working!

Posting this very entry could most likely get Manny Villar 'related ads' in my blog. Hehe! I didn't mean to help, Mr. Villar. :P

Also, I found a Korean version of the jingle from youtube. They said it was sung by a popular Korean DJ in the Philippines, though I really do not know the purpose of doing so.

You can also get the Japanese version of the video here. Even my sister said that the Jap translation was quite accurate. Does Villar have a Japanese and Korean fan base, if not voters?

I wonder, did he save up all these years for a whopping budget in political ads? For whatever it's worth, it may be working as some have even popularized and translated the jingles lol.

Are we to vote based on popularity? View the latest PulseAsia Survey here. What do you guys think is the reason for him to be the leader in surveys nowadays?

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Haaay naku Shelley, the other day I was so irritated kasi lahat ng website na napuntuhan ko, si Manny VIllar ang ad. Nakakasuka na. Kahit counters ng blog ko, si Villar ang add. Baka panaginip ko puntahan ni Villar! *Sorry ni repost ko, mali spelling.

  3. ahahaha! i know..nakakaloka diba?? hanggang kelan pa kaya to.. :P hopefully ndi naman umabot sa balota mo yan. lol


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