Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spa sesh at Taj of Tagaytay -- 11.01.09

After hours of food tripping within Tagaytay, D and I finally went back to the Taj of Tagaytay B&B for our spa appointment.

This Middle Eastern-inspired B&B is situated just right after the town proper and Tagaytay zoo. But an easier landmark would be after the "fruit arch" along the highway in Tagaytay. You definitely won't miss it.

As we stepped inside, I saw a lot of Indian-Middle Eastern articles all over. However, I was not able to feel much the ambiance because of the cross-mix of Halloween and Christmas decorations during the time of our visit. Besides, were they really expecting guests on all saints day though they say they're open 24/7?

However, the waiting area felt cozy with D by my side (cheesy much!)

For a list of their services, you can click here. It may seem a bit pricey but hey, who would get to have a spa treatment with Taal volcano as your view? We had an hour for foot spa, 1 hour Swedish massage, and another hour for the body scrub. Sweet! 

I could tell that D really relaxed and enjoyed it, and here's proof: 
Really made me happy seeing him all relaxed (and snoring). Priceless.

I simply wanted to have a shot of myself in the toilet simply because of the pink-coated walls!

Being energized and fully revitalized right after, I suggested that we drive over to the convent of the Pink Sisters -- having been inspired to the pink walls on the spa. Haha! D hasn't been there, so it suddenly became a must-see place. I was also excited to make him taste the cloister cookies also being sold there at the convent.

The place was quite serene and quiet. We thought it was a beautiful place to have a church wedding there. It's such a shame that they do not allow such. Oh well...

Unfortunately, it was past 4 and the convent's store had closed. So instead, we prayed and D made a wish, as part of a ritual for first timers of a certain church. After a few snips, and we headed back home.

What were the activities that you did in Tagaytay? You can share them with me for future travels. :)

For more pics: 

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